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Protect Your Plant Floor:

Cybersecurity Success Starts with Understanding Your Organization’s Cyber Posture

Across industries, the plant floor is becoming more connected, both among devices on the floor and between the industrial and enterprise networks. While this interconnection has been evolving for decades, cybersecurity considerations generally have not kept pace, resulting in increased cyber vulnerabilities for many manufactures.Therefore, ensuring proper cyber protections for industrial control systems (ICSs) needs to be a priority for organizations.

By understanding your organization’s cyber posture and making the right tools available as part of a well-thought-out ICS cybersecurity strategy, the necessary groundwork can be put in place to combat detrimental cyber incidents that interrupt operations, cost money, and impact physical safety. 

This paper discusses more details on how taking the time and effort upfront to properly plan and implement a cyber posture assessment will lead to efficacy in execution of all future cybersecurity projects.